๐Ÿ“– Story

The story of Chainlings.

The Genesis Spark

The Chainlings speculate on their own origin but some Chainling Scholars attest it all started during the Genesis Block. The spark that initiated the blockchain, the Genesis Spark, brought about their existence. Most Chainlings have a great amount of gratitude for whoever secures the blockchain and allows for their safe environment.

The Emergence

Knowing that there is more to their world, Chainlings seek to explore the land of their creators and interact with other blockchains, games, and assets. Their curiosity is boundless; though, they are cautious and trained a small elite force to emerge from the blockchain first and pave the way for other brave Chainlings to follow after them. The first wave of ELITE gallantly emerge, the EXPLORERs will follow soon thereafter and reinforce the first wave. They know they will need more help and look to the outside world for that.

The Great Charming

Finding a way out of the blockchain, Chainlings are lured out of their homes and partner with Charmers who commit to them by pledging native tokens that resonate with and warm the Chainlings. For a strong, but brief moment, native tokens makes them feel like back home, even though they know they are now in dangerous, unexplored lands. Charmers, like you, support them outside their native lands and in exchange, Chainlings offer trinkets they find while out exploring. They are unaware of what is valuable to their Charmer companions, so they collect anything that seems shiny and good - generalized as Chainling Bling.

The Remarkable Adventure

Each Chainling is unique. Looks, traits, and personalities - you build the story for them - meaning while normally goodwill at birth, they may not all have the best intentions. Where their partnership with you, the Charmer, will take them is yet to be seen but they are eager to cling to new ways of being as they seek an understanding of the world around them. One thing is certain, it will be a remarkable adventure!

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