๐Ÿ’ฐ Tokenomics

Chainlings Play-to-Earn Currency

CAUTION: Our token has not yet been released. Be wary of scams.

Chainlings are new to our world, so they aren't really sure what's valuable to us. They do love shiny things though! They will collect these shinys as they work and play, and return them to you as $BLING. Chainling bling! What you do with them from there, is up to you!

This will be a fair-launch token, minted by the community from staking, playing, and other methods as a reward for playing with Chainlings. You charmed them, and they love you, now they want to bring you back trinkets!

Since this will be fair-launched (start from 0), our team will not provide liquidity. The community can mine and earn and determine value; our intent is 1 token = 1 token and used as future in-game currency.

More details coming soon.

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