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What is Chainlings all about?
Charm, Cling, Bling: Everywhere.

Why own an NFT that only works in one, specific universe?

The idea behind Chainlings is to create a simple way to visually represent you between games, universes, and other assets by leverage blockchain technology, while having fun and earning you additional assets (coins, tokens, NFTs, etc.).
Here's an example. Think of your favorite video game character - let's take Mario for example (we're not affiliated with them in anyway, this is just an example). Everyone knows that mustached guy and what he looks like. He comes out in a bunch of different games too: platformers, go-karts, golf, and many others!
Well what if you owned your own, notable character? Your very own Mario.

Well you can! That's Chainlings.

You own it, a unique character, that you take from game to game - but it's always you. We believe the metaverse will be a bridged, interoperable collection of experiences that span multiple blockchains and digital properties; Chainlings will be set up in a way to be bridged and connected by starting simple for easier migration.
Given the beauty of blockchains and web3, it is possible, with all the security that blockchains provide and other benefits too - like earning you coin!
How? Well a few ways, there will be staking rewards (parking your Chainling), lending rewards (letting others borrow your Chainling to play and sharing the rewards), play to earn rewards, and that's just to start.
We really want to make it easy for you to have fun, earn, and bring a simple character from game to game to still look like you, no matter where you go and so even if the hype dies down from a certain world - well you and your character live and earn on!
We are also advocates of decentralization and empowering the community to build into the Chainling universe and will aim to provide tools and incentives to make that happen.
So that's the plan, start the spark of Chainlings with NFTs, build some integration examples and games, reward and empower the community, and then have it grow bigger than us based on what the community wants - helping others along the way. That's Chainlings!
Charm. Cling. Bling! That's the idea.


Part of the Orin Project, Chainlings is the launch of bridging life to enable good through blockchain. Our team will donate towards these types of charities, depending on what the project aligns with most.
We believe Chainlings will enable Safe to Be You and will announce which organizations will receive donations from Chainling proceeds soon.
Orin Project's core focuses (early concepts)