👥 Editions

Chainling Alphas

Alpha Elites (Gold tab) Samples
Chainling Alphas are the purest form of Chainling, straight off the blockchain, and no "Cling" onto any other game or asset yet.
Two editions of Chainling Alphas will be issued:
  • Elites and Explorers.
Three different classes:
  • Elites can be either 💎Diamond or 🥇Gold.
  • Explorers are ⚙ Metal.
Chainling Alpha Population:
  • 43.9K 🆑 Total
  • 2.2K 💎 Diamond (~5%)
  • 6.6K 🥇 Gold (~15%)
  • 35K ⚙ Metal (~80%)

Chainling Alpha Elites

Chainling Elite (Diamond and Gold) in Stasis (sleeping) These are the first to emerge from the blockchain. The bravest and strongest Chainling warriors. They are harder to Charm (more expensive) but hold highest prestige, exclusive drops/accesses, and higher rewards than any others.
When charming an ELITE, you have the possibility of gaining a 💎 Diamond or 🥇 Gold class. This will be visible on the NFT Ziptab and also in the metadata. 💎 Diamond tabs will be the most rare.
These are primarily focused for those more familiar with crypto and prefer rarer assets to collect, trade, and speculate on.
Public Mint Cost: 🔺2 AVAX 🔺1 AVAX Guestlisted Mint Cost: 🔺0.9 AVAX (10% off!) ELITE Population: 8,888 (2,222 💎 and 6,666 🥇) DAO/Team 888 Reserved at 0.01

Chainling Alpha Explorers

Chainling Explorer (Metal) in Stasis (sleeping) These will be the second set of Chainlings to emerge from the blockchain. They are also brave warriors but much more plentiful (higher quantity) and easier to impress (low cost to charm).
EXPLORERs will be eligible for similar experiences (staking and play to earn).
EXPLORERs will also have access to rare traits (pets, auras, etc.).
These will be labeled as ⚙ Metal class, which you can visually see on the NFT and in the metadata.
EXPLORERs are catered toward those newer to crypto or prefer a more accessible cost of entry.
Mint Cost: 🔺0.3 AVAX Explorer Population: ~35K ⚙